About Us

The Reason

I have been an intuitive person with an interest in human behaviours. Thirsty to learn more, I pursued a Bachelor's Degree in English & Psychology.

After witnessing the struggles of children trying to cope with their studies, I believe there is a better alternative to encouraging them to learn. Many students carry tremendous pressure on their shoulders to excel in their studies.

We should encourage children to learn willingly and instinctively, especially in their growing years. Tapping into their innate curiosity, children can learn effectively to reach their fullest potential.


The Experience

As a tutor for many years, I witnessed countless students that loved learning perform significantly better than ones who are not. It all goes back to the original concept of having the appropriate growth mindset.

By implementing psychology modules into the curriculum, students will recognise why they acquire knowledge. Students will learn to reflect and understand their learning behaviour, transforming them into progress and performance. They start building up resilience, enthusiasm, stamina and tenacity in their education journey, honing leaders of the future.

The Hope

Every child is different. If we want children to be creative and problem-solvers, we need to give them the right environment, setting and mindset to ask the right question. So, they can progress further and achieve their performance goal or personal development by taking the lead to make positive changes to their lives.

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